Brazil’s president under pressure to host Copa America

Brazil's president under pressure to host Copa America

The Copa America has been moved to Brazil at the last minute due to problems with Uruguay and Argentina. Alessandro Dominguez, head of the South American Football Association (Conmebol), thanked Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro for the announcement. But the president is now under pressure to agree to host the Copa.

In Brazil, 60,000 people are still infected with corona every day. In the last three months alone, the death toll among health workers has exceeded 200,000. The Bolsonaro government has failed miserably in its efforts to prevent or prevent infections. Many people are venting their anger against the government. Opposition groups called for the head of the Brazilian Football Confederation to be asked why he agreed to the Copa America in the face of such dire circumstances in the country. The case has been taken to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court judge directed the government to provide detailed plans for the Copa. The Bolsonaro government needs to be told how it is possible to have a Copa America in the Corona current.

In the words of one of the country’s former health ministers, “Coffins are running faster than antidotes for the people of Brazil. In the meantime, they are doing Copa America. Even common sense has disappeared.

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