Did he get the ‘punishment’ for canceling Ronaldo’s goal?

Did he get the 'punishment' for canceling Ronaldo's goal?

Mario Dix, as a man, is polite and tidy. Never conducted a football match with a flute in hand. Never again in the role of linesman. He has no less experience in this work.

He managed last year’s Europa League final and the Club World Cup semi-final without any controversy. But the referee from the Netherlands made a mistake last month. He did not concede a goal to Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Serbia.

This time Dix is getting the punishment. Dan McLean, who was the main referee with him in that match in Portugal, did not include Dix in his refereeing team.

Mario Dix, who played the role of linesman in that match, argued that the ball did not cross the goal line. Ronaldo could not accept the verdict. He threw the captain’s armband from his arm. The Portugal captain left the field in Gajrat in anger. Ronaldo’s team came back after winning the match which was drawn 2-2 if the referee gave that goal. At the end of the match, however, match referee Danny McLean admitted his mistake and apologized.

However, Mario Dix could not escape the ‘punishment’ of that mistake. Dutch referee McLean did not include Dix in his squad for this year’s Euro Championship refereeing. McLean said today that they have put Ian de Vries in the refereeing team in place of Dix.

Asked if Ronaldo’s goal had been ruled out, McClellan said: “It’s true that Mario Dix has been replaced by Ian de Vries. But it’s a matter of the team. I have full respect for Mario. But our team also needs to look good. We do not want to comment on the reasons for this change. “

Dix also confirmed McLean’s omission from the refereeing team. At the same time, Dix expressed his frustration: “We are very close to the European Championships. It is very frustrating for me to be dropped from the team at this time. I got the news from McLean on March 31. He wants to replace me with another assistant. ‘

After working with McLean for so many days, Dixon is having a hard time accepting that he will suddenly be dropped from the team before the Euros. The Dutch referee said: “I expected more support from him, of course. I hope he will understand and trust me more.”

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