Don’t go to Real, the advice is the former star of Real

Don't go to Real, the advice is the former star of Real

There is no shortage of stars in world football. But in one case the clubs are not getting enough supply as per the demand. World football is suffering from a lack of true goal scorers. No matter what you do on the other side of the field, there is a dearth of strikers in Europe who will score goals if they get into the box. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have never been traditional strikers. However, the way they have been scoring for more than a decade, there are very few strikers out there who can guarantee that they will score a goal.

Robert Lewandowski, Earling Harland, Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, Killian Mbappe and Mo Salah. Of course, there are no more hunters in Europe to score goals. Surrounding these strikers so the swap market has been busy. Lewandowski is unlikely to leave Bayern Munich. The names of the big clubs are always associated with the rest. Sometimes it is heard that Real Madrid wants him, Barcelona wants him. And when the definite news comes, this time Manchester City or United is taking such and such.

The news of Real Madrid’s interest in Harry Kane is quite old. Real, who failed to make up for the lack of strikers by buying Luka Yovic, are looking for a chance to score again in the next squad. That’s why Harland-Mbappe as well as Tottenham’s Kane’s name has been heard again. But former Real star Rafael von der Vert has warned Kane about Real.

The swap relationship between Tottenham and Real is not new. From Tottenham to Madrid, Luca Madrich has risen to the ranks of the best midfielders of all time. Los Blancos took Gareth Bale to a world record average from a club in London. Bell has also contributed to four Champions League wins. Before these two, Fon der Vert had established a relationship between Real and Tottenham. The Dutch playmaker moved to Tottenham in 2010 after spending two seasons at Real.

Von der Vert is so well known about these two teams. He is advising Kane to stay away from Real from the experience, ‘He (Kane) is now the best striker after Lewandowski. And in Tottenham he is everything. It may sound strange, but (to Kane) I must say, stay in England, no matter where you go, Manchester United or anywhere else. Usually when an English player goes to Madrid, it does not bring success. ‘

Von der Vert is partially true. The last three English stars to go to Real Madrid, none of their achievements are worth mentioning. Although he bought David Beckham in 2003, the English superstar could not bring success to the club. Beckham has won just one La Liga in four years. Michael Owen, who joined in 2004, did not win anything. Jonathan Udgate joined Real Madrid the same year considered the worst transfer in Real history.

The previous two Englishmen have met with rather success. Steve McMahon has won two La Liga and two Champions Leagues at Real Madrid in four years. And Laurie Cunningham, the first Englishman to go to Real, won a league and two Copa del Rey.
Of course, the question is whether Kane will leave Tottenham. This star club, which grew up in the academy of Spurs, is the soul of the club. That’s why he never hinted that he wanted to leave the club even though he didn’t taste any title at the age of 26. Instead, the former footballer asked Kane to leave Tottenham to add something to his career record. Asked if he would leave the club a few days ago, Kane said: “I try to stay away from these discussions. I am concentrating on my work on the field till the end of the season. Then I will see where I will stay or go.’

If you agree to leave the club, will you go to Real Madrid? The answer depends 50 percent on whether Real really wants him. But the other 50 percent depends on Kane’s desire to go to Real, what will happen to it? Who knows, maybe Kane will want to stay in England. It is better to be careful when the former Real player is warning.

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