Mbappe has started looking for a home in Madrid

Mbappe has started looking for a home in Madrid

Less than a week later, coach Mauricio Pachettino told PSG supporters a hope Neymar is still at PSG, Killian Mbappe is happy in Paris and will stay.

At the same time, PSG’s new coach Pachettino said he would keep Mbappe in Paris at any cost. But the reality is always different. Rumor has it that Mbappe is looking for a home in Madrid through people close to him!

The news of Mbappe’s search for a home in Madrid means only one thing – the French striker of PSG wants to leave Paris and go to Madrid. Wanting to go to Madrid means leaving PSG and signing up for Real Madrid. So the buzz that has been heard for a long time, is it going to be true!

The current Mbappe contract with Paris club PSG is valid until June next year. PSG authorities have repeatedly said that the two sides will soon sign a new agreement. But the reality is that the Mbappe-PSG talks on a new deal have not started yet.

During the last few changes, there has been a rumor that Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid. It is also heard that Mbappe also has a dream to go to Real. Meanwhile, football news website reported that Mbappe has already started looking for a home in Madrid. This news will undoubtedly provide more oxygen to the buzz in the exchange market with Mbappe!

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