Messi has auctioned off Pele’s record-breaking boots for children

Messi has auctioned off Pele's record-breaking boots for children

Lionel Messi has already committed himself to public welfare work. At the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the Barcelona star came forward in human welfare. He is not sitting yet. The latest news is that the Argentine forward has auctioned off his special pair of boots to raise money to save the lives of sick children. With these boots, Messi broke the record for most goals scored by a club. He broke Pele’s record by scoring his 644th goal for Barcelona in December against the Valladolids. One of the best footballers in the world has auctioned those boots.

The auction will be conducted at the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Proceeds from the sale of the boots will be donated to the Barcelona University Universitaro Val d’Hebron project. This hospital works with sick children. “It was great to be able to set a record of 644 goals for one club,” Messi told reporters. But the most important thing is to do something for the children who are struggling with life. I hope this auction will help. That’s what’s important to me. “

It is estimated that about 57,000 euros will come from the sale of boots. He is auctioning Adidas Nemesis Messi 19 — model boots. Messi has signed both boots. The names and dates of birth of his wife Roccuzzo and their three children are also written on the boot. Messi is taking part in another philanthropic work. This is the fight against Corona. Earlier, it was seen that the Barাa star did not like to reveal his name in any public interest work. This time, however, his name has been revealed by the manager of Conmebol (South American Football Confederation).

Messi gave Conmebol three self-signed T-shirts. Chinese pharmaceutical company Synovac will send 50,000 vaccines in exchange for receiving it. Gonzalo Beloso, Conmebol’s director of development, tweeted on social media: He sent three T-shirts. In other words, he is part of this achievement.

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