UEFA is considering dropping Real Madrid from the Champions League

UEFA is considering dropping Real Madrid from the Champions League

The storm stopped before it happened. The rebel league, called the European Super League, collapsed two days after its birth. English six clubs have cut their names. Atletico Madrid has followed suit. The two clubs in Milan have also agreed that it is not possible to launch this league at the moment.

Only Real Madrid and Barcelona have not announced their departure from the league on paper. Juventus, meanwhile, have made an official statement about the Super League, but nowhere is it clear that they are leaving the Super League.

Juventus are still dreaming of a Super League, while Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is talking about the Super League almost every day. One allegation after another is being leveled against UEFA. Such behavior of the two clubs has angered UEFA. So the company is thinking of banning these two clubs from the Champions League as a punishment.

Shortly after the creation of the European Super League, UEFA President Alexandro Seferin threatened to cut off 12 Super League clubs from the Champions League and the domestic league. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City, the three clubs in the semi-finals that will reach the semi-finals, will try to be eliminated from the tournament, said Jasper Moller, a member of the organization’s executive committee. After the English clubs moved away and Seferin thanked them, it seemed that there was probably not much going on.

Seferin also hinted at this. “Even if there is a will, it is very unlikely that Real will be eliminated this time around,” he said. “This season has already begun. If we do not play in the semifinals, the broadcasters will demand compensation. As a result, the chances of this match (Chelsea-Real Madrid) not happening are very slim. But things could change in the future. “

Uefa wants to make sure that Seferin’s statement is not just an empty statement. According to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, part of the UEFA executive committee wants to punish Real and Juventus. It is not legally possible to ban Real this season. However, they are considering banning the two teams next season. Another section, however, is against further clouding the situation after a major storm a few days ago.

A decision may be taken at a meeting of the executive committee next Friday. UEFA is looking at the teams that have publicly regretted signing up for the Super League with an apologetic look. But UEFA wants to punish Juventus and Real Madrid. UEFA is considering dropping Real Madrid from the Champions League

Then why Barcelona will be given a discount? The reason is that Barcelona have not yet removed their names from the league, but their president has already tried to negotiate with Seferin. “They (the clubs) are all disappointed, but Barcelona have done the least,” said Seferin. Laporta has been president for less than two months, so it is not possible for him to do much. Sociora (a member of Barcelona) will make the final decision on all matters of the club, he has shown great wisdom in keeping this rule. I have spoken to him two or three times, he was under a lot of pressure due to difficult financial situation. And he is not responsible for the condition of the club. It is understandable that he is under tremendous pressure. ‘ UEFA is considering dropping Real Madrid from the Champions League.

Let’s see if UEFA can make a decision that will surprise everyone tomorrow.

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